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Intelligent Assessment Engine

Assess Mental Health

Previdence Intelligent Assessment Engine

The Previdence Intelligent Assessment Engine appraises the health of an individual through evidence-based behavior correlative algorithms combined with industry best practices. This technology enables you to provide assessments that deliver the following:

Better Understanding

Doctors run tests to assess the health of their patients, this way the doctor can make the best diagnosis possible. This is true for mental illness as well. Proper assessments show what mental difficulties a person may be experiencing.

Previdence has taken the mental health criteria established by psychiatric and psychological authorities and incorporated them into the Intelligent Assessment Engine™.

This assessment technology is designed to quickly and effectively assess potential mental illness. This gives licensed professionals using the software the best possible opportunity for a correct diagnosis of their patients.

Increased Positive Patient Outcomes

Previdence Intelligent Assessments give clinicians a clear overall view of the issues a patient may be facing in their life. This allows a clinician to effectively guide the patient through proper care and recovery. Previdence Intelligent Assessments also aid the clinician in creating treatment protocol based on accepted standards of care for effective short and long-term recovery.

Identify Behavioral Risk

The Previdence Risk Assessment Engine helps clinicians identify factors that may be of greater importance or of higher risk to a patient. These factors can include depression, self-harm, suicide, homicide, and other risks to themselves or society.

Professional Tools & Guidance

People diagnosing and treating themselves has become a larger and larger problem in mental health care. This is typically a result of reputable information they find on the internet or in TV advertising. Without the aid of a professional clinician and effective diagnostic tools to guide them, an inexperienced individual cannot receive the care they deserve.

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